Diablo Cody delves into the diabolical

By Tatiana Craine

Hell is a teenage girl, says Amanda Seyfried’s character, Needy, at the start of “Jennifer’s Body.” Hell yes it is. “Jennifer’s Body” is like a recipe for disaster. It’s got one part ridiculous, a pinch of creepy, a healthy heap of hilarity and a little sprinkling of crazy. The film follows BFFs Needy (Seyfried) and Jennifer (Megan Fox) navigating their way through high school as an unlikely duo. Needy is a dork with a baby-faced boyfriend and Jennifer is the hottest girl for miles around. One night, the two go to a concert and things go awry; the venue catches on fire and the band members mysteriously take Jennifer into the woods. Jennifer turns up soaked in blood, puking tar-like bile all over Needy’s house. Well, at least she’s alive, right?

The film has been out for a little more than a week, and the scathing reviews are everywhere. This won’t be one of those. I admit, the movie is bad. But it’s damn entertaining. I didn’t go into the movie expecting a horror or a comedy or much of anything, really. However, I still don’t know quite what writer Diablo Cody was going for… Was she mocking herself? Was she lampooning horror? Was she actually trying to make a comedic horror? I think a lot of the bad reception came from that confusion audiences felt. That and Fox’s heinous acting skills. Regardless, the slang-slinging screenwriter whips out a ton of Cody-speak that brings the film to comically outrageous levels.

Seyfried was the film’s saving grace. Her performance stood out against the rest (except, of course, when Fox climbed out of a pond, dripping wet and naked). Adam Brody made a brief appearance as an egotistical singer, but all I could think about when he was on screen was that Seth (from “The O.C.”) is not a rock star. Fox, though an admittedly sub-par actress, had fun parodying her sex-symbol status. (Think: Fox grabs Seyfried’s breasts during one scene, declaring, “These are like smart bombs. You point them in the right direction and shit gets real.” Or, maybe imagine Fox growling sultrily, “You give me such a wetty.” Yes. You read that correctly.)

Don’t take the film seriously and you might find yourself enjoying it. It’s a girl-centric flick about insecurity and greed that has gotten out of hand. Nothing more, maybe less. “Jennifer’s Body” is campy. But when actually likening it to camp, don’t think over-night summer camp-it’s more like springtime after-school day camp. Entertaining, but kind of lame, too.