CDC starts initiative to attract sophomores

By Peter Mathison

The Career Development Center is currently in the process of launching a new program aimed at helping sophomores make the most of the school year. Titled the Sophomore Initiative, the program joins already existing programs for first-years, juniors and seniors.”Sophomore year is critical from a decision-making standpoint,” Associate Director of the Career Development Center John Mountain said.

Along with choosing a major, students are thinking about study abroad, internships and increased involvement in student organizations, Mountain said. Previously, however, the CDC has not offered a program specifically designed to help them address these opportunities.

“We want to establish a continuous stream of communication,” Mountain said. “We don’t want sophomores to feel like the ‘forgotten class.'”

The program includes a website introduced at this year’s Sophomore Fiesta, which contains tips for navigating the responsibilities of sophomore year. In addition to the website, the CDC will be holding events for sophomores throughout the year in an effort to stay connected.

The CDC will hold a Majors Fair on Oct. 28 for undecided students, and throughout the year it will sponsor employment and internship fairs for upperclassmen. Mountain stresses the value of this programming, especially with the current economic state.

He cited resources such as the CDC’s alumni directory, a network through which students can contact alumni and pursue volunteer opportunities related to their major, as the type of experience that could open doors in the future. Mountain said that he encourages students “not to be frozen by the economy,” and to continue to seek opportunities for themselves.