Bon Appetit to serve another day

By Meridith Richmond

Macalester’s contract with Bon Appétit is up for renewal, meaning Macalester students will probably be eating the same food until at least 2019. According to Doug Rosenberg, Director of Budget and Institutional Services, there have been no changes to the base of the contract, and the main point of renewing is to agree to revisit the contract again in ten years.

Bon Appétit and its corporate culture and practice have been a “real good match” with Macalester’s goals he said, citing such programs as the “Farm to Fork” effort to serve local food. Rosenberg has been one of the primary people involved in renewing the contract, and all that is left in the process is the obtain signatures. There has been little discussion about modifying the agreement and it is expected to be finalized before the end of the semester.

If there were to be a desire to change how Bon Appétit provides food, there would probably be a discussion outside of the contract renewal process, something both sides are open to, Rosenberg noted.

Macalester first contracted Bon Appétit to provide food service in 1995, and their contract extends to conferences on campus in the summer and providing catering on campus during the school year. Mr. Rosenberg noted that if Macalester were to search for a new food service provider, the college would probably end up at “the same place.