Beer corner: Local brews beyond Summit

By Liz Scholz

Surly. It seems like all of a sudden Surly is the beer on everyone’s tongue. Literally. But it is, and for good reason. The Surly Furious is on tap at all of the bars within a two-mile radius, and it’s a damn good hoppy IPA. If you’re already a fan of Surly and want to switch it up, try the Surly Coffee Bender. It’s brewed with coffee, resulting in the best of both worlds. Also, Omar Ansari, the owner of Surly, is a ’92 Mac grad. He’s rumored to have dropped off a free keg of Surly at a Mac party following Senior Week last year. Brau Brothers. Not really a beer you find on tap, but a Big Top favorite, Brau Brothers is from Lucan, Minnesota (140 mi. southwest from the Twin Cities). The Cream Stout is good, and so is the Pale Ale. However, as per my column last week, I suggest you stay away from the Strawberry Wheat. Maybe I’m just biased against Wheat Beers, dangerously untamed and unfiltered, but I’d stick with the Pale Ale.

Finnegan’s. You may recognize this beer from Spring Fests past. I’m not going to lie: It’s not “beyond” Summit, since technically it’s contract-brewed by Summit, but it’s a solid beer, geared towards conscience-free drinking and community-building, as all proceeds go to charities that fight poverty. And the choice is simple since Finnegan’s only makes one beer, the Irish Amber.