Be a champion, work with MCSG

By Michael Costigan

As liberal arts students, we are often told to think. Now, don’t get me wrong, thinking is good. However, it has gotten to the point that by the time the typical student graduates Macalester he or she is conditioned to approach issues by “establishing a space to freely discuss and let the quiet have an equal voice,” instead of acting decisively. Well, to anyone who wants to eventually make money to feed his or her family, I bid you an insincere good luck with the discuss-it-to-death approach. Typically I keep my opinions to myself because I don’t like engaging in futile arguments. However, I feel it is important to voice my concern because the student body is being afforded the opportunity by MCSG to create something substantial on campus with a large sum of money. The rollover fund will be allocated to a single idea. The winner will be the Champion of Champions, so to speak– the advocates of ideas of how to spend the roll over will be called, “Champions.” Is this too domineering of a term? I say it is not domineering enough. There will be a single winning idea among multiple losing ones. There will be accountability, and the winner will work with MCSG to implement his or her plan. Put away the kids gloves, stop talking about doing stuff in vague conversations, and actually do something. Students say MCSG does not do anything. Well, we are doing something, and we want people who actually intend to execute a plan to be a vital part of the process. Michael Costigan ’13 has been a member of MCSG since freshman year. These are his opinions, not the opinions of MCSG at large. [email protected]