As seen on tv: “work it”: The drinking game that could have been

By Noah Koch

One of the smartest things I’ve seen ABC do since renewing “Happy Endings” is pull the steaming pile of hate/trash, “Work It,” off the air after two short, reductive episodes. The basic idea behind the show is that men can’t get jobs because women dominate the work force (hmmm). Two men consequently decide to dress up like women to get jobs as pharmaceutical sales reps (HMMMMMMMMM). Turns out that LGBTQ groups, along with anyone who doesn’t hate women, found the show offensive. While I, like anyone else with a soul, celebrated the premature death of this Mayan-Apocalypse-turned-primetime-show, I was secretly bummed for one reason; the show is a goldmine for a drinking game. After two episodes here’s what I had compiled: Every time the “ladies” try to use lines from “S**t Girls Say”: “A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” This is the type of quality coming out of this show. While I’m sure ladies have said this before, it’s still pretty base, even for ABC comedy. Take a shot. Every time the ladies try to use lines from “S***t Girls Say”: Now here’s where this gets offensive. At least with the guys I could pretend that their lines were commentary on how oblivious the modern man is about how women think. When the actual women in the show are just as caricature-y as the men pretending to be women, I’m going to take issue. Women in “Work It” are just as poorly constructed as their “women” coworkers. They’re catty, they’re manic, and they only ever eat sushi or salad. I guess the reason nobody can tell they’re men is because they’re all crazily stereotyped (what a great lead-in to my next point). Chug it down. Every time it makes no sense that nobody can tell they’re men: I have nothing else to say. Drink. Every time they assume all women use sex to succeed in life: As all Disney princesses have taught us, the best way to get what you want as a woman is through seduction. Lee, our dashing protagonist, is taught this by his wife who casually informs him that when she wants a raise she doesn’t wear a bra and cranks down the temperature in the hospital where she works to blast her nips. Hopefully all the young girls who watched this were inspired to drop out of school, since they can get anywhere, providing they wear a thong and bend over a bit during the interview. GLUGGLUGLUGLUGLUG Every time jokes are made at the expense of effeminacy: What’s the only thing that can make a show about men pretending to be women funnier? Apparently, a show about girly men pretending to be a woman. Poor Angel really takes the brunt of these tasteful bouts of whit, with his lavish gestures and questions about feminine upkeep while still in male form (since men never care about things like their weight or appearance). Ugg it. Every time you laugh: Drink a lot. You should be punishing your liver for such a foul reaction to this show. refresh –>