By Maya A. Weisinger

Minneapolis-based illustrator Vincent Stall has graced the CO Exhibitions gallery with a set of new work, presenting the ideas of isolation, death and the afterlife in an illuminative and exploratory presentation. Through multimedium expressions of his character King Mini through a world called Canyon Land, Stall’s comic expertise meets a narrative style that comes together in a concise, storylike experience. The centerpiece of the show is a free-standing structure, built from uneven, unmatched wood scraps. The inside reveals miniature illustrations on wooden pieces; the entire experience of entering the hut-like structure brings the viewer closer to the space of desolation and focused emotions that is expressed so vividly in the artist’s work. The exhibit is a perfect mix of poignant and poppy, working with the balance between heavy themes and simplistic, repetitive illustration style. Check out this show to see the imagination of a local artist exposed in the most perfect light.