Arbitrary suggestions of the week:

By Mariana Roa Oliva

Before the break:
A little too early to make a review, and a little too late for a preview, the Orange Mighty Trio will perform -performed?- at the Janet Wallance Fine Arts Center on Thursday. The Orange Mighty Trio creates instrumental music that combines jazz, classical and American roots music, and their primary influences range from Astor Piazolla and The Kronos Quartet to Darol Anger, John Hartford and Radiohead. Attempting to define their music, the trio has used the term “bluegrassical”, saying that it sounds like “a large fiddle, small fiddle, and a fiddle you play with keys attached to felted hammers.” The ensemble features Nick Gaudette on the bass, Zack Kline on the violin and Mike Vasich on the piano, and two of them are Macalester music major graduates. If you missed their concert, check their latest release “Infrastructure”, a rather minimalistic invitation to travel to the Fiddle’s World and discover it by Driving with your Eyes Open. You can buy the album at the trio’s website, or through iTunes, CD baby and many other mp3 stores.During the break:
Don’t get disappointed too quickly when you hear that, according to a survey made by the Star Tribune, only Cleveland is a worse Spring Break destination than the Twin Cities. Some of the art highlights of this week include the 17th International Film Festival at the Walker Art Center starting on March 12, and a daylong festival at the Landmark Center, in downtown Saint Paul, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day dancing and singing Irish music. Still disappointed? Understandable, Minneapolis-St. Paul was also ranked the most intelligent of the cities compared in the survey.

After the break:
Performance and installation artist Nezaket Ekici will be presenting her performance “Form-it-able” at the Main Stage of the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center. Nezaket Ekici uses the body as a means of expression for her artwork, which explores ideas about time, movement, space, and, of course, action/interaction with the audience. Come to the performance on Monday 22 at 7:00 p.m., and feel glad to be back to school!