Applications for returning RA's at all-time high

By Hattie Stahl

The number of current Resident Assistant (RA) applicants who applied to return to the RA staff for the upcoming academic year is at an all-time high. There are 25 total re-applicants, all of whom were informed of the hiring decisions through SPO yesterday.
The RA staff will consist of 37 positions for the upcoming academic year, including two Senior RAs (SRA). The SRA position, to be pioneered next year in both Doty-Turck and Dupre, will not have specific floor duties, but rather focus on administrative, programming, and other specific staff responsibilities.
According to Peg Olson, Associate Director for Residential Life, the returning applicant pool is growing every year, something she hopes reflects the growing focus on finding ways for RA staff to enjoy their job.
Liz McCreary ’09, a returning RA applicant said that she reapplied because of the opportunity being an RA has given her to meet a lot of people she probably would never have met otherwise. She also spoke to what she said she believes to be the changing face of Residential Life, noting that she enjoys being a part of the dialogue for change from within the department.
“We always look to have new people on staff,” Olson said. “New candidates bring new perspectives, but it’s also so helpful to have such a great returning poll to guide, train and mentor. It adds so much depth to the program.”

New applicants for RA positions will participate in the interview process this weekend.