Anti-War Letter

By Campus Community

To the editor:I’d like to clarify a few things printed in last week’s issue. First off, the march through Weyerhauser was not “led” by anyone, nor was any plan created beforehand to have this be the case. What makes this anti-war movement so powerful is that it operates organically and without hierarchies. The idea to march through Weyerhauser developed through ideas generated amongst participants in the speak-out.

Second, I must respectfully disagree with Amy Ledig’s comments in her opinion piece that the walk-out “devolved into a rant against the evils of capitalism, democracy, and the college administration.” While some of these things were mentioned (although offhand I don’t recall hearing people rage against democracy) they were part of a larger conversation that included varying perspectives. To deduce that the movement is “far-flung” from a few words at a single campus event seems to be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I think that the deep level of analysis that is beginning to permeate the movement actually serves to strengthen rather than weaken the cause.

If students are interested, the Anti-War Committee usually meets Tuesdays at 9 PM in the Infoshop. All are welcome to attend and participate.

Brendan Rogers ‘10