An open letter to President Rosenberg

By Campus Community

President Rosenberg,
During your short tenure at Macalester, you have overseen an unprecedented institutional move toward elitism and exclusion. You have routinely marginalized student concerns, and systematically sidelined student campaigns.

When students demanded that you maintain Macalester’s historic commitment to accessibility by saving need-blind admissions, you pretended to listen to our concerns, and then eliminated need-blind anyway.

This is not acceptable.

When students demanded that you honor this community’s concern for workers’ rights, internationalism, and environmentalism by banning Coke products from campus, you waited until the last day of classes, and then unilaterally blocked the Social Responsibility Committee’s recommendation to ban the beverage.

This is not acceptable.

A year after proclaiming a “financial crisis” and abolishing need-blind financial aid policy, you have advocated that the college go into debt to finance an opulent, $41-million athletic facility.
This is not acceptable.

We know that the direction you are taking this college corresponds to a global trend in higher education of increasing elitism, skyrocketing tuition, exploding student debt, and plummeting access. Your plans for this college are a betrayal of the values of the Macalester community. Reinstate the need-blind admissions policy or tender your resignation.

Emma Sheppard
Emily Parks
Kristina Fong
Peter Myers
Bahiyyih Comeau
Andrew Kessel
Renata Limon
Heather Brown
Joe Schweigert
Michael Galvin
Sophie Smith
Alia Trindle
Erin K. Fenton
Darren Angle
Legacy Russell
Rudy Herrera
Maggie McKenna
Daniel Beach
Willy Naess
Catherine Willman
Avery Bowron
Hadley Pope
Claire Hipkens
Michaela Palchick
Adrian Croke
Abby Woodworth
Jacob Bell
Liz Kamerer
Allister MacMartin
Leah Grupp-Williams
Amanda Janoo
Oliver Cano
Sarah P. Mercado
William Gillis
Lizzie McLoughlin
Erik Forman
Elise Goldin
Brenda Rogers
Stephanie Stoumbelis
Brad Stiffler
Alex Jacoby
Daniel Murphy-Cairns
Dan Truchan
Alex W. Velarde
Jenna McDonald
Mackenzie Epping
Cassie Warholm-
Nicole Smythe-Johnson
Georgia Faust
Brian Martucci
Aaron Mendelson
Oscar Boyle-Mejia
Brad Goldstein
Megan Crawley
Luke Franklin
Max Sirianni
Julie Gaynin
Shelby Fields
Kayoua Vang
Ben Pierson
Wendi Bootes
Kristen Stoeckeler
Elizabeth Newman
Aaron Brosier
Graham Turner
Mik Kinkead
Terry Jurek
Mollie Wolf
Katie Harger
Maggie Thompson
Lara Williams
Aaron Rosenblum
Rachel Brunner
Laura Bartolomei-Hill
Davitia Flowers-Shaklin
Michael Kennedy
Siddarth Siakia
Partick Ewing
Kristen Kohlhase
Laura Schultz
Michelle Thomas
Lynn Cohen
Lauren Ackerman
Zachary Lazar
Jane Robinson
Elias Tezapsidis
Emily Cox
Lauren Roso
James Gurney
Nicolas Coletto
Pei-hsuan wang
Sara Buck
Andrew Charlton
Emma Torzs
Katie Harger
Madeleine Hunt-Erlich
David Espinoza
Emily Smith

If you are interested in adding your name to this letter, or just in leaning more, you can look online at or come by the Infoshop (in Kirk across from the computer lab) Sunday, November 19th at 8p.m. for an open discussion.