All Around the Liberal Arts: Mistaken Identity Edition

By David Hertz

University of California congratulates rejected students

The University of California at San Diego recently sent emails congratulating its entire application pool on gaining admission to the college, including 28,000 students who had been rejected, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The emails invited thousands of students who received rejection letters a month before to informational events for admitted students.

“We recognized the incredible pain receiving this false encouragement caused. It was not our intent,” Mae Brown, the campus’s admissions director, told the Chronicle of Higher Education.

College administrators said the accidental email was caused by an administrative error. Administrators were apparently confused about which database of email addresses should receive which email messages.

Hopefully they manage to avoid the reply to all mistake in the future.

Police bust attempted movie robbery

Police ordered State University of New York at Oswego student Aaron L. Londraville and his peers to halt their robbery of a local store on Wednesday. Londraville walked out of the store, dropped his gun, and told the police they were interrupting his scene.

Londraville and a group of other film students at the college were filming a robbery scene at the business when a passerby who heard the students running through the script called the police to inform them that the store was being robbed, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

City, state, and campus police responded to the call. The situation was sorted out quickly, and no one was hurt, although students could have been in danger if they had not followed police orders.

The students previously gained permission from the store’s owner to film the scene, but forgot to tell police they were staging a robbery.