All Around the Liberal Arts: Bucknell bake sale goes wrong

By April DeJarlais

Rarely have donuts been at the center of heated disputes over free speech and affirmative action. The Bucknell University Conservatives Club came under fire from the administration for the manner in which they protested the school’s affirmative action admission process. The club did not use picket signs but sold donuts to students at different prices according to their ethnicity.

The bake sale was lauded as “a discriminatory fundraising event, which violates our stated, and legally required, nondiscrimination policy that is applicable to all sponsored or authorized events,” said Bucknell’s Associate Dean of Students Gerald Commerford to.(the school newspaper?).

Students involved in the bake sale criticized the school’s actions and asserted that their free speech rights were violated.

The administration encouraged the Conservatives Club to schedule speech-oriented activities like student forums and speakers. Student treasurer of the club, Jeff Taylor, reacted heatedly to the typical college administration attempt at stifling creativity.

“The administration does not have the right, under the student code of conduct, to regulate what would or would not be a proper forum for discussion for student organizations,” he said.