All Around the Liberal Arts

By Patricia Bass

Swarthmore College

Donuts: The Ones With Lube Go Down Best

Swarthmore recently held its annual 4xDonut Race, a yearly event hosted by the cross- country team, in which competitors combine donut eating and a one-mile run around an outdoor track. Each runner must eat a donut before each of the four laps, starting with Boston Cream, then double chocolate, followed by cinnamon powder and finally toasted coconut. Runners who vomit are disqualified, unless they choose to eat the vomit, which has happened in the past.

Most competitors find the Boston Cream to be the best donut: “It’s the easiest to eat,” four-year reigning champion Jim Kreft ’06 said, according to The Swarthmore Phoenix. Kreft claimed he could eat the donut in about four seconds. The other three donuts are much more difficult because they are cake donuts. “The cake donuts have much more volume and much less lube,” Kreft said.

Pomona College

Student group proposes gender-neutral bathrooms

On Nov. 14, Pomona’s LGBT activist organization, TRANScend, submitted a resolution requesting that high-traffic, wheelchair-accessible bathrooms be converted to gender- neutral bathrooms on all five campuses of the Claremont colleges in order to accommodate the needs of students who don’t identify with specific genders. The resolution was submitted to the Presidents and Deans of each campus, according to Pomona’s student newspaper, The Student Life. Several student organizations including Scripps Associated Students, Harvey Mudd Associated Students, the Queer Resource Center and other groups have already endorsed the proposal.