All Around the Liberal Arts

By Graham Ravdin

Pomona College
Who’s the world’s awesomest man?
While people around the world watch the Olympics, an arguably more rigorous sporting event has emerged at Pomona College in California. According to The Student Life newspaper at Pomona, a new phenomenon called the World’s Awesomest Man Challenge is taking the campus by storm.

Started as a joke during a day of Mariokart, backgammon and racquet sports between two juniors, WAM has evolved into a non-traditional decathlon with 12 competitors. Involving everything from drinking games to video games to stick sports, WAM is a double-elimination event with an elaborate point-ranking system that determines who is the world’s most awesome man.

While the tournament is still in progress, co-founder Ian Rinehart currently leads the pack, picking up points with a win at the drinking competition and a stellar third place performance in Boggle.

Oberlin College
Oberlin jumps on hybrid car share train
While Mac is considering a car share program in the future, its Midwestern cousins at Oberlin are already several steps ahead. The Oberlin Review reported that college President Nancy Dye cut the golden ribbon on a Toyota Prius last Friday, initiating Ohio’s first hybrid car share program, which includes the Prius and one Scion. The program was the brainchild of Environmental Studies major Andrew deCoriolis, who worked with college officials and an outside entrepreneur to bring an ecologically sound transportation option to Oberlin.
Wesleyan University
Sex Survey at Wesleyan Reveals All
A recent sex survey at Wesleyan revealed that while students would give up cheese sooner than oral sex, they would rather relinquish the latter than stop eating chocolate. The Wesleyan Argus reported that while 23 percent of the school population are still virgins, the average student has “hooked up” with 10.23 of their peers. About two-thirds of students have ever been in love, and a measly 3 percent are members of the “mile-high club.” Seventy-nine percent of students wish they were in a relationship; 80 percent masturbate.