All Around the Liberal Arts

By Veronique Bergeron

A recent article in The Signpost, this Utah school’s student newspaper, may have prompted a theft of over 1,000 issues of the paper. Editors suspect that the issues were taken as a result of an article detailing a professor’s alleged sexual misconduct. Editors noted that the professor is very popular on campus, and were concerned that students may have intercepted the newspapers to protect him.

The theft occurred some time on Friday, Oct. 27. There are no current suspects, but editors are seeking legal counsel. This is the third theft of its kind in the last two years, according to The Signpost’s advisor.

Apparently, there are not enough ugly people at MIT. The Tech reported that, for the first time ever, the college’s annual Ugliest huMan On Campus competition has been opened up to alumni and students from other colleges. Three current students, two alumni, and one student from nearby Wellesley College are competing for the coveted honor. The competition requires voters to place cash bets on the contestant of their choice. All proceeds go to a charity of the winner’s choosing.

The leader in the race appears to be a sophomore who would like to see the proceeds go towards breast cancer research. The current runner-up is an alumnus from the class of 2002, who plans to give his winnings to a memorial scholarship fund.

Prospective students visiting this liberal arts college in Maine found themselves completely in the dark during a recent sampler. Students certainly had reason to fear a liberal arts degree, which could lead them down a very dim path of substance abuse and neglect. But more importantly, a massive power outage let the prospective students truly feel the fear that comes with a future of uncertain employment.

Sampler activities continued through the two-hour power failure and many buildings were powered by back-up generators, The Orient reported. The college’s Dean of Students noted that many prospective students were pleased with Bowdoin’s apparent commitment to energy conservation.