All around the Liberal Arts

By Clara McConnell

College newspapers lambaste USC administrationCollege newspapers from around the country ran a collectively written editorial Tuesday lambasting the University of Southern California’s Media Board for its decision to block the reelection of student newspaper Editor-in-Chief Zach Fox.

Students from newspapers at other institutions, including Harvard, Stanford and Princeton, were troubled by this decision, stating that such a move sets a dangerous precedent for administrations yielding power over student-run organizations.

According to the editorial printed in the participating student newspapers: “USC’s action diminishes the role of student journalists across the nation by demonstrating a lack of trust in students to decide the structure and daily operation of their paper. But more importantly, it violates the fundamental value of the press.”

Swarthmore kicks Coke off campus

Swarthmore College has decided to stop purchasing Coca-Cola products by the end of the year. The college is calling for the company to permit an independent investigation of the allegations against them, which include complicity in anti-union violence in Colombia.

The decision comes after administrators at the college sent letters to Coke expressing their concern about the company’s possible human rights violations.

The student group “KickCoke” was instrumental in the decision to sever ties with the corporation. Swarthmore students used petitions, a letter-writing campaign, and a Student Council resolution to convince the college administration to remove Coca-Cola products and to pressure the company to act on the abuse allegations.

Congrats Swarthmore activists! Any tips for your Mac counterparts?