All Around the Liberal Arts

By Graham Ravdin

Harvard University
Summers finally resigns from presidency
Harvard University President Larry Summers, infamous for his speculation that women may be innately less gifted in the sciences, resigned from his position on Tuesday. Embroiled in a firing controversy, possible involvement in a federal fraud scandal, and widespread disapproval from Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), Summers will step down at the end of the academic year. The University has hired Summers as an Economics professor to return in 2007.

Summers, who while serving as the Chief Economist for the World Bank in 1991, wrote an internal memo saying that dumping 1st World toxic waste in 3rd World countries would be economically ƒ?oeimpeccable,ƒ?? occupied the shortest presidency at Harvard since the Civil War. Summers could not muster enough charm to dissuade the FAS from a vote of no confidence last March, eroding his support and precipitating his resignation.

Derek Bok, who presided over the University from 1971 to 1991, will replace Summers at his post.

In Summersƒ?TM resignation speech, remarks regarding the innate abilities of women were conspicuously absent.

Grinnell College
Save the earth, burn Your lingerie

Four Grinnell students were arrested on Saturday after a protest outside of Victoria’s Secret, the Grinnell Scarlet and Black reported. The students were part of the student group Free the Planet and were participating in a national day of protest against Victoria’s Secret. Forest Ethics, an environmental organization that has decried the naughty-undies company’s use of non-recycled paper in its catalogues, organized the protest.

The company says it will use more post-consumer recycled paper in the future. However, the company made no comment about the ƒ?oemaximum nipple coverageƒ?? provided by the new Ipex line, reported by the Victoria’s Secret website to be the ƒ?oeworld’s most advanced bra.ƒ??