All Around the Liberal Arts

By Graham Ravdin

Grinnell College
Grinnell copies Macƒ?Ýagain
In several bold moves clearly intended to copy Macalester, Grinnell College is looking to make some changes. The Grinnell Scarlet and Black reported that the school is pushing ahead with proposals on wind turbines and gender-neutral housing. The Wind Energy Initiative, proposed by the student organization Free the Planet, calls for the college to build an enviro-friendly wind turbine on campus. While the Grinnell trustees were receptive to the plan, they are waiting on an economic feasibility report before making their final vote.

Grinnell has yet to catch up to Macƒ?TMs wind-harnessing skills, but it is one step ahead on gender-neutral housing. Pending a final report, the trustees are allowing the administration to implement a gender-blind option for the following year.

St. Olaf College
Facebook Trouble at Olaf

ƒ?oeHey dog, Iƒ?TMm going to kill you!ƒ??

ƒ?oeDude, remember when we engaged in underage drinking?ƒ??

If posted on, both of the above comments could put you in jeopardy at a growing number of colleges, including St. Olaf. The Manitou Messenger reported that almost a dozen Oles have been punished for posting threatening messages and pictures of illegal activity on the Facebook.

The Associate Dean of Students insisted the Deanƒ?TMs office does not monitor Facebook, and only uses it when naughtiness is brought to its attention. The Deanƒ?TMs office will also check out online blogs if tipped off.

St. Olafƒ?TMs Dean of Students said, contrary to student assumptions, just because something takes place in cyberspace, doesnƒ?TMt mean it “doesnƒ?TMt count.”

Seattle Pacific University
Itƒ?TMs Womenƒ?TMs History Day Every Day at SPU
While the incoming first-year class at Mac will probably continue to have more women than men, Mac is not the only college brimming with X chromosomes. The Falcon reported that this yearƒ?TMs undergraduate class at Seattle Pacific University has barely above 30 percent men.

The admissions office has taken a drastic measure: making the admissions brochure colors more “masculine,” taking out colors like fuchsia and replacing them with “deep goldenrod.