All Around the Liberal Arts

By Emily Smith, Veronique Bergeron

Wesleyan University
This Connecticut college is tackling a campus-wide problem with offensive graffiti, the Argus reports this week.

“There is graffiti targeted towards people of color, queer students, transgendered students and women in just about every academic building I have been in, whether it’s in the elevator or on the stall of the bathroom,” one student told the paper.

And the Princeton Review lists Wesleyan students as politically active, “Birkenstock-Wearing, Tree-Hugging, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians”? Way to be politically correct.

Wellesley College
A Wellesley College student recently spent a night in a local prison after resisting campus police, The Wellesley News reports. The officers observed her tripping on the porch at a party and requested that she go to the school infirmary. When she grew belligerent, police handcuffed her, took her to the infirmary, and called an ambulance. Not wanting to waste potentially thousands of dollars on the ambulance after having only a few drinks, she chose to spend the night in jail.

Can you blame her? The prison guards were probably the first men she’d seen in weeks.

Oberlin College
Oberlin College’s admissions office began distributing a new viewbook to prospective students this August, The Oberlin Review reports. The college’s slogan “fearless” was conceived to set the school apart from other liberal arts institutions by appearing “cutting-edge.” Created by Massachusetts-based marketing strategist Mark Edwards, who is incidentally also working on Macalester’s new viewbook, the new campaign aims to attract students with “false preconceptions about Oberlin as an institution of radical social liberalism.”
In other news, Macalester considers adopting the slogan of “Fearlessly persevering, even though I didn’t get into Oberlin.”