Advice for Founder's Day

By Daniel Kerwin

Most of you probably need no introduction to Founders’ Day. It is purely and simply Macalester’s biggest celebration of the year, bringing the whole campus together in a wild night of festivity and tradition. However, each year there is inevitably at least a quarter of the student body that has yet to experience its wonders.Before you even consider going, there are a few things you should know.

People will be dressed up in a big way. In the advice of Associate Director of Alumni Relations Stephen Sporer, “Don’t come and be the underdressed person at the party.”

Also, if you’re hesitant about showing up because you didn’t answer the RSVP that came in you’re SPO, don’t worry. The event is open to all; you don’t need to check in. It is a good idea to bring your student ID with you, though, and it is imperative you do so if you want to enter the 21 and over section.

You should also put some time aside in the evening to brush up on Macalester’s history – this is a huge part of what Founder’s Day is all about. There will be a makeshift museum display in the basement, and there will be students dressed up as and impersonating some of the founders. Be sure to look out for Macalester’s birthday cake on the evening too, that in itself is a great tradition of the college.

Lastly, be sure to schmooze with the trustees – they’re on campus for the Board of Trustees meeting and will of course be attending the Founder’s Day festivities.