Addressing the economy

By Alison Tray & Owen Truesdell

As a result of the economy’s downturn, many of our lives and the lives of our colleagues have also changed. We may have to make difficult decisions as we navigate through these tough years ahead. One of these decisions may be prioritizing the things that are vitally important and deferring things that are not. Textbook prices will burden a larger group of students on campus as the economy ‘s effects hit us in the coming years. SORC supplies other programs such as subsidized bus passes for student organizations, and campus programming may be put under increasing economic pressure in the future. Macalester is great in that there are many resources, events, and programs for us on campus. However, as a Macalester community, we need to ask ourselves in the coming months and years: what are our needs versus what are our wants. More specifically, what would we be willing to forego for the greater good? This question can reach you at the individual level, or more broadly, with conversations regarding the school’s budget. The student experience is one of the top priorities of the college and because of this, a campus forum will be held Monday March 9th, from 5-6:30pm in the Chapel. Come and learn about how this economy will affect you. Speakers include: President Brian Rosenberg, Provost Kathy Murray, VP for Student Affairs Laurie Hamre, and VP for Finance and Administration David Wheaton. All students are encouraged to come and voice their concerns and ideas about addressing the financial crisis, as well as learn more about what the Administration is already doing to secure the future of the college. Decisions are made by those who join us in this conversation – so please come and add your voice to the conversation.