A tradition worth keeping


Despite Macalester’s recent penchant for killing seemingly intractable traditions–the Queer Union dance, the midnight breakfast, the Scottish county fair–one new tradition that has successfully filled a “tradition void” has been the annual Founders Day celebration. For two years now, Founders Day has accomplished a number of goals essential to creating a successful and sustainable Macalester community. First of all, it has brought the community together: Administrators, staff, faculty, students, alumni, trustees–all were welcomed, and all showed up.

Indeed whether it was the prospect of Macalester students actually paying attention to their attire, or the ample supply of free alcohol, Founders Day offered something that appealed to nearly everyone: An opportunity to celebrate Macalester. It goes without saying that students didn’t check their politics at the door–last year’s bash appropriately featured sashes supporting need-blind admissions–but the event was reason to simply enjoy Macalester with fellow community members nonetheless.

Which is why we don’t understand the dearth of funding for this year’s incarnation of the event.

Indeed Founders Day not only builds community, but it also affords a fantastic opportunity to augment our financial resources: What better way to raise money than through a celebration–with the alcohol flowing–that features Macalester’s best, from brilliant professors, engaging alumni and trustees, and even a Trads performance.

It would seem that the figurative and literal benefits of the celebration far outweigh the immediate financial cost of Founders Day.

It would also seem, then, that the college should practice some fiscal responsibility, and devote its money to something that makes people enjoy and appreciate Macalester–Founders Day–instead of something that worthlessly breeds even more cynicism, say, Mac Mondays.