A note from the editor regarding this week's web issue


To our faithful web audience: As you may have noticed, this week’s issue is quite a bit smaller than usual–indeed this very piece is filling up the entirety of the arts section.

The reason for this dearth of content, as many of you may fondly recall, is that the last Mac Weekly issue of each semester devotes ample space to our sister paper, The Mock Weekly. For those unfamiliar, the Mock is our semesterly adventure in satirizing all things Macalester.

This semester the print version included ten pages of Mac Weekly and ten of Mock.

While these ten Mock pages are hilarious, brilliant, and have been called “better than Jimmy Kimmel’s work” by none other than Sara Silverman (note, she may not have actually said this), they are also somewhat offensive. And, in this age of ubiquitous web transparency–thank you, Google–it would, in our view, be unethical to run Mock stories on the web, even with an Onion-style disclaimer.

As such, there is limited real content this week, and, alas, web-inaccessible Mock content.

HOWEVER, if you desperately crave your own hard copy of The Mock Weekly to see what we crazy kids are making fun of these days, email us: We’ll gladly mail a copy to you, dear web reader.

Herschel Nachlis

Editor in Chief