(Not a lot of) Sex and the Cities

By Anna Chastain, Stephanie Potter

Q: Where is Uzbekistan? Send help.- Lost in Tashkent

A: Hi. Given your proximity to the SPO area, we suspect you are not actually lost in Tashkent.

However, perhaps like you, this sex column has lost its tenuous sense of direction and needs assistance. Weƒ?TMre leaving it open.

In the meantime, we bring you separate messages from Will Howell and Safiya Carter-Thompson.

Will Howell would like to announce his re-entry into the dating world. An experienced boyfriend ready to take on your needs, he is open to invitations to dinner or for coffee. Secure in his masculinity, he would like you to do the asking. If youƒ?TMre trying to spot Will, heƒ?TMs the West Coast-y one wearing socks with his Birkenstocks and hunching his shoulders against the cold. Will is also a much-loved RA. Move in fast and jump him now.

Safiya Carter-Thompson, straight and attached, is also looking for girls to ask her out. We think sheƒ?TMs just in it for the thrill of accumulating admirers, but you never know.