'Portlandia' with love from Armisen and Brownstein

By Tatiana Craine

Ever wonder what would happen if Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein had a lovechild? “Portlandia,” that’s what. The hottest new show on the Independent Film Channel is undoubtedly the hipster-friendly, Portland-centric show that premiered earlier this month. Buzz surrounding the show has been steadily building over the past few months, stemming from the hilarious sketches Armisen and Brownstein started collaborating on a few years ago.

Armisen, a seasoned veteran on “Saturday Night Live” and famed for his Barack Obama impersonations, brings his improvisational skills to the show for deadpan hilarity that both embraces and lampoons modern-day Portlanders. Brownstein, of Sleater-Kinney and Wild Flag musical fame, adds to the hilarity with her straight-faced hipster-esque performances.

With episodes that spoof everything from eco-conscious fiends and vintage clothing whores to crazy cults and the new wave of technological life, “Portlandia” hits all the right marks while managing to be biting, sweet and comical all at once. Armisen and Brownstein make fun of localvores with a simple remark like “It tears at the core of my being someone just cashing in on a trend like ‘organic.'”

Armisen and Brownstein’s affection for Portland and cognizance of its sometimes radical feelings about today’s issues and trends makes for an entertaining, if not always accurate, show.