'erased bobrauschenbergamerica' now playing at 1419

By Tatiana Craine

Brace yourself for one of the year’s most imaginative, creative and downright crazy productions in Minneapolis. “erased bobrauschenbergamerica” celebrates its talented performers, America, Charles Mee’s original play (“bobrauschenbergamerica”) and the artist himself-Robert Rauschenberg. Directed and produced by Ben Gansky, this multidisciplinary performance piece combines inventive theatrics with technology and personal experience.

The show brings performers and audiences closer together through an exploration of what it is to be American. With direct audience address, video projections, music (both live and recorded) and other experimental performance tactics, the show promises to be both entertaining and thought-provoking on a deeper level than your average production.

1419, one of the most radical art spaces in the Twin Cities, has played host to myriad art-centric exhibits and performances over the past few years. “erased bobrauschenbergamerica” is the third show in 1419’s inaugural performance season.

“erased bobrauschenbergamerica” runs through Feb. 20 at 1419, located at 1419 Washington Avenue South. Tickets run $5-$20 on a sliding scale-note that there are only 50 seats for each performance. For more information or to reserve tickets, contact [email protected]