The Mac Weekly, established in 1914, is a student-run publication that covers on-campus news, highlights student interests, and provides a forum for opinion and discussion of issues pertinent to the Macalester community. With a circulation of approximately 2000, TMW publishes 12 to 14 issues each academic semester. Its staff is composed primarily of volunteer writers and editors, and welcomes any member of the Macalester community to submit opinion pieces. The Mac Weekly operates as a student organization under the Macalester College Student Government and is funded primarily by student activity fee dollars.

The views and opinions expressed in the opinion section are solely those of the authors. They do not represent the thoughts of The Mac Weekly or its editorial staff. The Mac Weekly opinion section is a forum for free speech and debate, and articles will not be censored except in cases of threatening language or hate speech. Any concerns should be directed to the Opinion Editor, Jamie Goodin.

Any general questions or concerns about The Mac Weekly can be directed to the Editors in Chief, Jake Greenberg and Allie Korbey or the appropriate section editor.


The Mac Weekly Charter Purpose

The Mac Weekly Mission Statement

Diversity Statement 


The Mac Weekly Editorial Staff, Fall 2016:

Editors in Chief: Jake Greenberg, Allie Korbey

Copy ChiefJane Hornsby

Managing EditorsJane HornsbyMax HorvathRachel Wilson, Eliza Ramsey

News: Rachel Wilson, Jen Katz, Katie Jolly

WebWilliam Milch

Opinion: Jamie Goodin

Food and DrinkKate Rhodes

Features:  Esha DattaBarbera Kuzma

ArtsMax Harrison, Julia Fritz-Endres

Sports: Laura Gould, Carrigan Miller

Photography:  Maddie Jaffe, Will Milch, Henry Neiberg

Design:  Ellie FuquaWill MilchEliza Ramsey