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Class changes course after death

Class changes course after death

While mental health concerns were discussed in several classes after Matias Sosa-Wheelock’s death two months ago, members of the anthropology course “Anthropology of Death and Dying” have taken their class response a step further.


MCSG Overseer: Mental health care at Mac

This week’s meeting of MCSG began with a moment of silence for Matias Sosa-Wheelock, a sophomore who died unexpectedly on the evening of Feb. 18. After the moment of silence, the Legislative Body (LB) segued into an unscheduled, 30-plus minute discussion of mental health and mental health resources – or the lack thereof – at…


Depression: Me, you & all of us

Hi, my name is Erin. I live with depression, general anxiety disorder, and PTSD. Last year, I was hospitalized twice for nearly killing myself. Sorry, let’s start a little slower. I guess I should begin by saying why I’m writing. In no small way, I owe a lot to Ross Boehme and Judy Syrkin-Nikolau for…