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Thrive: Developing a Community of Strategic Thinking

Caroline Duncombe and Tasneem Issa

April 19, 2018

Macalester’s Strategic Plan has remained stationary on the President’s website page, forgotten by many students, faculty and staff whom it affects. Thrive: The Future of Macalester is a 33 page document that outlines and di...

Macalester-Groveland Neighborhood Expresses Mixed Sentiments Regarding Student Off-Campus Living

Lindsay Weber

December 11, 2017

Earlier this fall, following concerns raised by St. Paul residents regarding decreased housing availability, the St. Paul Department of Planning and Economic Development conducted a zoning study that resulted in the addition of...

The NCAA should disband

Matt Steele

October 5, 2017

You’d be hard-pressed to find an organization as inept at doing its job as the NCAA. Since the dawn of athletic scholarships in 1950, major athletic programs have attempted to lure gifted 18 year olds to their campuses by me...

Anti-bullying law strengthened

April 17, 2014

In a controversial April 11 decision, Governor Mark Dayton signed a new anti-bullying law into place that would create new standards to protect students from harassment and bullying in schools. In the wake of former Governor Ti...

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