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Bringing Sexy Mac: Masturbation—Get Down With Yourself!

Bringing Sexy Mac: Masturbation—Get Down With Yourself!

Alrighty folks, it’s about time we talk about masturbation. I’ve been thinking about sex a lot recently (thank you, women’s, gender and sexuality studies and educational studies for allowing me to do both my capstones on sex education). But before we can really talk about sex – and I mean really talk about sex –…

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We’re bringing Sexy Mac: revisiting vanilla

By Delanee Hawkins After last week’s column was published, I received a lengthy email from a man named Peter Boots. He introduced himself with a mini-resume: “I’m a bit of an expert on both of the subjects you cover, having taught BDSM classes from 1984 to 1992 at SM Gays in London, and from 1993…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: miles past vanilla

By Delanee Hawkins Inspired by last week’s cautionary tale about combining food with sex, this week’s edition will feature two riskier kinks/sexual practices, cock-and-ball torture and erotic asphyxiation, with tips on how to minimize these risks. Whether you’re a connoisseur of erotic asphyxiation or don’t consider yourself an inch past vanilla, this week’s column is…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: Finger lickin’ good?

By Delanee Hawkins For many, food and sex respectively rank as the greatest pleasures in life. Some ambitious souls may even try to combine the two delights in an attempt to reach the highest plane of human ecstasy. Unfortunately, the reality of this union often falls short of expectations and can even lead to infections…


Tampons, period. The making of a period-positive Facebook group

This past week, The Mac Weekly sat down with Ana Diaz ’18, the coordinator of the “Tampons, period.” Facebook group, to discuss the group’s inception and goals. TMW: So, can you tell us a little bit about “tampons, period”? Ana Diaz: Yeah, “tampons, period.” is a Facebook group. It’s like in the vein of “Free…


Regarding Consent is Mac

This year, I am not signing the “Consent is Mac” pledge. I don’t think consent is the most effective paradigm to reduce sexual violence, and I believe that Macalester can do better. “Consent is Mac” is part of a larger trend of presenting consent as easy. We’ve all read the think pieces and comics on…


Bringing Sexy Mac: Have a Safe & Sexy Summer!

To usher in the dawn of the summer and celebrate the last TMW issue of the year, I am changing up the format of the column ever so slightly. Instead of answering a single question, I am going to take this opportunity to impart some knowledge that everyone ought to know before the shenanigans of…

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