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First (Year) Impressions: The turkey drop and fledgling fall flings

October 28, 2016

College relationships are weird. In a way, Macalester is like an educational commune—we all learn, eat, talk and occasionally sleep together. With such close proximity, it’s inevitable that relationships form. But some firs...

If so inKlined: A First-year’s distaste for long-distance

September 19, 2014

With all of our advancements in technology and social media, it seems as though long distance relationships should be easier than ever. Instead of having to write long and involved love letters or spend the extra cents to call yo...

Bringing Sexy Mac!: On the complexities of platonic love

February 28, 2014

At a bar over J-term, one of my closest friends and I were sharing a table with a very talkative stranger. She was nice, wanted to toast with us a lot and went on tangents that were more entertaining than annoying. After moving to...

Bringing Sexy Mac! Sex, relationships and anger

December 6, 2013

When I’m home, my brother and I usually spend the night on our respective computers, but every once in a while we camp out in the kitchen and just talk about whatever. One of the last of these conversations has left me thinking ab...

Gettin’ Fresh: Holding onto high school relationships

November 1, 2013

Coming to Minnesota with a girlfriend in college in Connecticut, I thought I would be an outlier in the freshman class. Boy was I wrong. While my high school freshman class had the distinct and widely-endorsed honor of being th...

Bringing Sexy Mac! Valentine’s Day and battling insecurity

February 8, 2013

Within a week, Valentine’s Day will have come and gone. Not everyone celebrates the holiday, of course, and some will valiantly rally around Singles Awareness Day on the 14th (myself included). Still, the occasion draws my attention...

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