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A foreign policy to believe in

Last week, we saw two important and contrasting events in American foreign policy. The first was Bernie Sanders’ speech at Westminster College, where he declared a need to “rethink the old Washington mindset.” He questioned the moral validity of Washington’s alliance with human rights violators like Saudi Arabia, stressed the need to classify climate change…


Democalypse 2016: Forecasting a summer of election madness

In my final article of the year, I think it’s important to reflect on the roller coaster of a primary we have experienced thus far, as well as provide some insight for the coming months. This election has been unpredictable and unconventional since day one. If the pundits and experts had been correct, we would…


Not “feeling the Bern:” Being a non-Bernie supporter at Mac

Macalester seems to have become saturated with supporters of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, from stickers and posters, to every other conversation in Café Mac, to multiple articles and mentions in The Mac Weekly, weekly. Of course, it makes sense to surround yourself with rhetoric from and news about your preferred candidate. I myself would love…

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Content: Celebrity presidential endorsements are entertaining

Any thinking person bases their political decisions solely upon the opinions of their favorite celebrities. The celebrity presidential endorsement presents a meaningless sideshow in a season filled with meaningless sideshows. What do the identities of celebrities who choose to endorse a certain candidate tell us about that candidate? What kind of influence will celebrities exert…

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders hosts RiverCentre rally

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders hosts RiverCentre rally

On Tuesday afternoon, hordes of eager Macalester students sporting Bernie Sanders gear filled several Metro transit buses as they headed to hear the presidential candidate give a speech at the RiverCentre in downtown Saint Paul. The students joined over 15,000 other supporters, who packed into the RiverCentre and an “overflow room” for a chance to…