As seen on tv: A Few Passive-Aggressive Questions for “Two Broke Girls”

By Noah Koch

t isn’t the 90’s anymore, so why are you filmed like it is?: Call me a snob, but at this point I don’t think that any shows should be filmed in multicam. For those of you who don’t breathe television, what this means is that the show’s set only has three walls, and a bunch of cameras are set up where the fourth wall would be to film from multiple angles at once. This gives actors the ability to run through a scene without having to pause every time the director wants a new shot. Basically it’s way simpler, but also way lower quality. The sets look like sets, actors ham up every line to cue the studio audience to laugh (even though most shows use a laugh track), and there’s way less room for artistic license. I’m pretty sure shows filmed like this are what my parents were thinking about when they told me television would rot my brain. So people who aren’t white or American must be sassy/lecherous/dumb/ignorant, right?: The trend in television these days is to look back on a simpler time. “Two Broke Girls” follows that pattern by fondly recalling racial stereotypes. First there’s Han “Bryce” Lee, the Korean immigrant owner of the diner. Han’s whole shtick is that he is trying really hard to assimilate into American culture, but can’t because he’s not from here (HAHA). And if that didn’t make you piss yourself with laughter, his accent’s so heavy that he speaks like Mickey Rooney did in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). There’s also Earl, the Black cashier who’s always ready with something sassy to say like “that girl is working harder than Stephen Hawking putting on a pair of cufflinks.” Oh Earl. Finally there’s Oleg the Ukrainian cook, who only speaks to sexually harass the girls, like all Ukrainians do. Are rape jokes funny these days? No? So why do you keep making them?: As Vulture kindly pointed out, rape jokes were all the rage this fall on television, and of all the shows out there, “Two Broke Girls” was definitely the worst offender. The first joke premiered in the pilot when sheltered Caroline gets startled on the subway by, and subsequently tases, Max. Caroline then defends herself by saying “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you. I thought I was being raped.” Max responds with the zinger “That’s not what rape feels like,” cue laugh track. Apparently rich girls can’t be raped. Who knew? Other than this the rest of the rape jokes are made mainly by Max, whose sexually liberated spirit allows her to constantly joke about vaginas and masturbation. Rape jokes tie into that theme nicely, right? Don’t let my sarcastic tone confuse you. I actually find this quite disgusting. In conclusion, what the hell?: Seriously though, “Two Broke Girls.” This may be the ramblings of a self-involved television fanatic who thinks people want to hear what he has to say, but at least I’m saying it- you’re goddamn offensive. refresh –>