WMCN weekly DJ Profile: Granny Pannies

WMCN weekly DJ Profile: Granny Pannies

The DJs, from left to right: Eleanor Beaird ’19, Ellie Hohulin ’19, Marlee Yost-Wolff ’19. Photo by Henry Nieberg.
The DJs, from left to right: Eleanor Beaird ’19, Ellie Hohulin ’19, Marlee Yost-Wolff ’19. Photo by Henry Nieberg.

Each week The Mac Weekly interviews one of WMCN’s DJs. This week we sat down with the DJs of “Granny Pannies.” Tune in on 9:00-10:00 p.m. on Tuesdays.

What is your show and what can a listener expect when tuning in?

Eleanor Beaird: Our show is called “Granny Pannies,” and I think people can expect to hear indie-pop music that your grandmother would approve of.

Ellie Hohulin: That’s our general message. Grandma-approved tunes. Stuff for the modern grandma, what the grandma would want to listen to. Sometimes there are direct themes attached to being a grandma, like “Sunday Candy” when Chance says “your grandma ain’t my grandma!” Things like that and such.

How do you select your music?

EB: Sunday nights, we get together usually and we kind of mess around on the internet and put things together.

EH: We like do it in someone’s room so we can really blast the music and get a feel for what we’re into. We kind of go through not only the songs that we’re interested in, but also how they flow together. We have them on Spotify, so we have a “Granny Pannies” playlist that we continue adding stuff to.

Marlee Yost-Wolff: We also have our friends come in and help us sometimes, which is fun because then we just get different perspectives.

If a listener tuned in at random, what would they hear?

MYH: We would probably be playing music.

EH: But probably something that is like music that is similar to our indie-pop or indie-folk vibe.

EB: If they’re lucky, they might hear a sad song that I put on.

EH: If we are talking we generally like to relate the songs to what’s going on and our past experiences. So if we have any weird stories attached to it we like to share those.

MYH: For example, we played the song “Let’s Get Breakfast” by Walter Mitty and his Makeshift Orchestra, and then we all talked about our favorite breakfast foods.

What was the last song you listened to? Does this reflect what you play on your show?

EH: The last song I listened to was “Cold Cold Man” by Saint Motel, according to my Spotify playlist, which we already have played on the show. So yeah, most of the stuff I listen to is from the show.

EB: Last song I listened to was “Sappho” by Frankie Cosmos, and I don’t know, I think we played Frankie Cosmos once but I don’t know if it reflects the show, it’s more of my genre of music, not really where our music interests intersect.

MYH: I think the last I listened to was “Someday” by the Strokes. It’s probably pace-wise a fast song, which we definitely have in our show. We’ve played the Strokes once, and we’ll probably play them tonight. We’re going on the fly, because finals and shit.

April 29, 2016

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