New FAC and PB chairs and class reps elected, one member resigns

This Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 8 and 9, were election days for the Program Board (PB) Chair, the Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) Chair, the Class of 2017 representative and the Class of 2016 representative. There was a total of 478 votes for the PB Chair and FAC Chair, 120 votes for the Class of 2017 rep, and 71 votes for the Class of 2016 rep. The winners were Olivia Doe for PB Chair, Sydney Keiler for FAC Chair, Rachel Ladd for Class of 2017 rep and Thomas Wakin for Class of 2016 rep.

Photo courtesy of Jake Speirs.
Photo courtesy of Jake Speirs.

However, Wakin chose to drop out of the race saying in a statement to The Mac Weekly that “I’m not a person of politics, I am a person of reason.”

Wakin’s resignation on Wednesday night made the other candidate, Jake Speirs ’16, the class representative by default.

In response to his win, Speirs wrote in a text that “after seven of my lovely classmates decided to write my name in, I’m proud and excited to represent my class in our final semester together!”

The following are statements from the election winners:

Olivia Doe ’18, PB Chair:

Photo courtesy of Olivia Doe.
Photo courtesy of Olivia Doe.

My main goal for Program Board next year is to improve the way our committees function. Committee formation has been a completely voluntary aspect of each coordinator’s position. Some choose to form committees for one single event, others prefer to have them sit all year and assist where needed. For example, this year as a traditions coordinator, I formed a Winter Ball committee to help with the creative aspects of advertising for Winter Ball. Since committees are not required, many of them fizzle out due to lack of opportunities and lack of organization. I think that once a committee is formed, there should be a system in place to insure that the students who want to be involved, or are involved, actually have the opportunity to serve.

Another issue I plan to focus on is supplying student organizations information about what types of collaboration Program Board is looking for. Many student organizations are ill informed about the way Program Board funds are allocated. As a result, many orgs ask for funds after semester budgeting is nearly complete. I think a well-advertised window for student organizations to file for collaborations, as well as an informative handout available on the PB website, would go a long way toward insuring more student organizations get the help Program Board can provide. In this way PB can help to make their events even more successful.

Lastly, I hope to encourage students to get to know how Program Board functions and to become more involved with this process. I plan on increasing the number of Program Board open houses to help promote transparency as well as to increase the number of student voices heard.

Sydney Keiler ’17, FAC Chair:

Photo courtesy of Sydney Keiler.
Photo courtesy of Sydney Keiler.

Hey y’all, I am Sydney Keiler, she/her/hers, and I am so excited to be your next FAC Chair. In my upcoming time as FAC Chair, I want to create a more transparent and accessible budgeting system and provide more support to org leaders. As an Exec on MCSG, I want help to create more publicity for campaigns and attempt to generate more interest and involvement in student government in order to have a student government that is equally representative of the student body. Thank y’all so much for electing me!

Rachel Ladd ’17, Class Rep.:

Photo courtesy of Rachel Ladd.
Photo courtesy of Rachel Ladd.

Hi, my name is Rachel Ladd (she/her/hers) and I’m an Anthropology major from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. I enjoy chocolate, puns, the Oxford Comma, and making the world a better place. Even though I’m bear-ly elected, I’d like to thank those who voted for me. I know my jokes are unbearable, but I appreciate you bearing with me while I get my bearings. I hope to make MCSG more hip, accessible, and relevant to the average Mac student. Hope to see you around campus.

February 12, 2016

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