Mental health and disability: Professors who support us

At times we have struggled. At times we have faltered and at times we have thrived. We have navigated how to exist in this academic space as students, while living with the realities of our mental health and/or disabilities. We have also been touched by the support of professors who have used their role to help us achieve and to provide room for us to balance academics with the need to take care of ourselves.

This semester, we in Voices on Mental Health are launching an initiative to honor professors who have shown outstanding support for their students’ mental health and disabilities. For some of us these professors have brightened our days and contributed to our well-being as students. For some of us these professors have given us the confidence that we could be successful here— whatever that may mean. For some of us these professors are the reason we are still in school.

Mental health is a spectrum and is relevant to everyone in so many different ways. This is not an initiative just for students with diagnoses but for truly anyone who feels their mental health or disability has been supported by a professor at Macalester. So to all the professors who have supported us during our time here: thank you. It means more to us than you may know.

To honor a professor, fill out the following form:


December 4, 2015

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