Meet the Fall 2014 TMW Staff

Meet the Fall 2014 TMW Staff

News: Joe Klein'16, Heather Johansen'16, Emily Gustafson'16, Rachel Wilson'17
News: Joe Klein’16, Heather Johansen’16, Emily Gustafson’16, Rachel Wilson’17
Design: Nate Williams'15, Lydia Karlson'16
Design: Nate Williams’15, Lydia Karlson’16
Sports: Eliza Ramsey'17, Jake Greenberg'17
Sports: Eliza Ramsey’17, Jake Greenberg’17
Photo: Maddie Jaffe'17, Max Guttman'16
Photo: Maddie Jaffe’17, Max Guttman’16
Opinion: Kacie Reilly'16, Richard Raya'15
Opinion: Kacie Reilly’16, Richard Raya’15
Managing Editors: Joe Klein'16, Heather Johansen'16, Lindsey Smith'16, Richard Raya'15
Managing Editors: Joe Klein’16, Heather Johansen’16, Lindsey Smith’16, Richard Raya’15
Web: Joe Huber'15 Spotlight: Phineas Rueckert'15
Web: Joe Huber’15
Spotlight: Phineas Rueckert’15
Features: Jane Hornsby'17, Ellie Fuqua'17, Esha Datta'17 (not pictured)
Features: Jane Hornsby’17, Ellie Fuqua’17, Esha Datta’17 (not pictured)
Food and Drank: Charlie Stanton'15 Spotlight: Phineas Rueckert'15
Food and Drank: Charlie Stanton’15
Spotlight: Phineas Rueckert’15
Editor-in-Chief: Amy Lebowitz'15
Editor-in-Chief: Amy Lebowitz’15
Arts: Allie Korbey'17
Arts: Allie Korbey’17
Cartoonist: Alexander Jenson'17
Cartoonist: Alexander Jenson’17
September 12, 2014

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