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We’re bringing Sexy Mac: The Process(es) of Abortion

Disclaimer: I will be talking about abortion this week, so if that’s a topic you’d rather not read about, feel free to avert your eyes elsewhere. As an unofficial sequel to last week’s column, today I will be discussing what happens when the stars align, contraception fails and egg meets sperm in that ancient little…

Bringing Sexy Mac: the orgasm imbalance
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Bringing Sexy Mac: the orgasm imbalance

As we enter the second week of the new Sexy Mac, I will be introducing the standard question-and-answer format I hope to follow in the coming weeks. I expect to answer between one and three questions per week, depending on the complexity of the question and/or the material I can find on the matter. As…


Bringing Sexy Mac! Hurt People Who Hurt People

My birthday was a few weeks ago. Most people did not know because I hide the date on Facebook so no one can receive the reminder in their feed and feel encouraged to leave me a message on my Timeline. With such a limited Facebook fuss, I enjoyed the introspective day I had, which was…

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There is a certain solemn immediacy with which I pause over November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR). Started to memorialize the 1998 death of Rita Hester, a Black trans woman from Massachusetts, the texture of TDoR has gained more traction for me as I reflect more maturely on my presentations, identities and experiences through…


Bringing Sexy Mac! Wearing the pants

I want to open this piece by acknowledging that I’m speaking from a position of privilege. Within the queer community, white, cisgender men who identify as predominantly or completely homosexual and who are able to pass as straight navigate a different and privileged realm of experience compared to much of the queer community. With this…


Bringing Sexy Mac! The male gaze and ‘All About that Bass’

From Destiny’s Child questioning if we’re “ready for this jelly” to Florida Georgia Line’s drooling over “them long tanned legs,” from Kanye telling women to “eat their salad, no dessert” to John Legend loving all her “curves and edges,” modern pop music is saturated with different ideas about and expectations for women’s bodies. Meghan Trainor’s…

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Bringing Sexy Mac! Depersonalizing sex crimes

Due to some inconsistencies in our Bringing Sexy Mac schedule, it looks like I’ll be filling in this week. I considered what to write about for this week, but given recent events, there really was no choice. I feel inevitably compelled to discuss the recent celebrity nude photo leak, because this act demands a strongly-worded…

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