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We’re bringing Sexy Mac: STI spotlight on chlamydia

This week, I’ll be sharing all sorts of yummy information about chlamydia in the exciting second installment of the STI Spotlight. The first spotlight, on herpes, can be found in the online archives under the week of November 4, 2016. Though I never get too explicit, due to the nature of this week’s column, I…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: I <3 the inclusive orgasm

On the evening of February 9, I, along with many of my peers of all genders, attended the “I <3 Female Orgasm” presentation featuring sex educators Marshall Miller and Maggie Keenan-Bolger. The event, which originally visited Macalester in 2011 in a more nascent form, was sponsored in part by a Macalester parent who believed the…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: cheeky information about anal sex

You put what in where?! This week we’ll be discussing everything you’ve (n)ever wanted to know about anal sex. This column will define anal sex as any sexual penetration or activity involving the anus, no matter how small or synthetic the penetrating object. With as broad a definition as this, we get rid of gendering…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: Pregnancy and its pitfalls

A squirming parasite infests the human body, bloodily tearing the flesh of the host after nearly a year of infestation, sometimes resulting in death. The plot of the newest sci-fi blockbuster hit of the summer? Nope, it’s pregnancy! This semester has been an especially fertile one, not only because all of the blooming roots of…


We’re bringing Sexy Mac: Immaculate misconceptions about virginity

Warning: I’ll be talking about history today, so I use a few instances of gendered language. Skip to the end for regularly scheduled gender-inclusive programming. Popping the cherry, losing the “V” card, going all the way, rounding home-plate. Endless terms for the same antiquated social construction: virginity and the loss thereof. The English “virgin” has…

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