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Winning and losing, but mostly losing: on being a Browns fan

This year, you will probably see a lot more Cleveland Cavaliers and Cleveland Indians fans than you have previously. The Cavs NBA title win and the Indians MLB runner-up status have new Cleveland fans crawling out of the woodwork. One thing I can guarantee is that this new revival of Cleveland sports will not extend…


Don’t count the Falcons out of Super Bowl LI

On Sunday, February 5, the Atlanta Falcons will take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. The Patriots, one of the NFL’s most successful teams, will be making their 8th Super Bowl appearance in search of a fifth Vince Lombardi Trophy. Meanwhile, Atlanta will be making just its second ever appearance in a…


NFL frustrates, loses fans due to poor leadership decisions

It’s no secret that the NFL’s ratings are down. The narrative is becoming ubiquitous both online and in print, and given the turmoil that the NFL is experiencing, it’s not really much of a surprise. However, contrary to what Roger Goodell might say in press conferences, it’s actually not all that complicated a matter. The…


Flagrant Fouls: How the media treats player conduct issues

We idolize our professional athletes because they amaze us. They amaze us with their gravity-defying jumps and sublime displays of technical skill, showing us the very pinnacle of what the human body can achieve. We pay them millions of dollars, pack arenas and even wear their names on our backs, all in celebration of their…


Richard Sherman and Outrage in the NFL

Following the NFL requires an unhealthy amount of ignorance. Focus on what happens between the sidelines and one’s mind immediately turns to the dozens of micro-concussions occurring on every drive. Watch the broadcast and one cannot avoid the advertisements and shots of cheerleaders that cultivates the most misogynistic culture out of all the major sports….



Stephen Straub: Imagine, if it pleases you, that you work your dream job out of college. This is the job that you’ve wanted since you were a child. Your passion dictated the school you went to. This dream job absorbs your life. Your body, mind and spirit are put to the test regularly, but a…

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