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After lengthy discussion on appeals, MCSG passes 2014-15 budget: President Kai Wilson introduces three-year MPIRG contract

April 25, 2014

On Tuesday night, MCSG dealt with appeals by three student organizations who came to defend their proposed budgets to the Legislative Body, resulting in several lengthy and tense conversations. The Financial Affairs Committee (F...

MCSG reexamines MPIRG contract to address voter turnout, contract length

April 18, 2014

Following last week’s MCSG meeting, an informal coalition was created to further discuss the student government’s relationship with Macalester’s MPIRG chapter. The coalition was made up of both MCSG and MPIRG representatives in...

Revote on the MPIRG referendum

April 18, 2014

This is not the time for a debate on whether MPIRG should receive special funding from Macalester. We need that debate, but it was supposed to happen through a referendum. Every three years, Macalester holds a referendum to let th...

MCSG meeting focuses on MPIRG referendum, TMR recommendations

April 11, 2014

On Tuesday night, MCSG focused heavily on the recent MPIRG referendum, which passed last weekend, and on the Task Force for Membership Requirements in another overtime legislative body meeting. The TMR, which was composed of me...

Mac: Make a move toward solar

November 15, 2013

This article was written by the MPIRG Environmental Justice Task Force. On Wednesday, Nov. 20, students at colleges and universities in Minneapolis and St Paul will rally to call upon their campus administrators to move aggressive...

MPIRG urges college to require safer conditions for workers

November 15, 2013

This article was written by members of the MPIRG Environmental Justice Taskforce. Dear Social Responsibility Committee members, We, the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG), are writing to you today with grave c...

Opportunity Minnesota can incentivize setting down roots in MN

March 8, 2013

The rising costs of obtaining a higher education degree are more burdensome than ever. Minnesota now has the fourth highest average higher education debt in the country at a whopping $29,058 per student, according to an annual re...

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