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Chamber Ensembles perform in Mairs

With six different student ensembles comprised of violins, flutes, cellos, a piano, various wind instruments and two tubas, Macalester’s Music Department put on a fantastic Chamber Ensemble Concert on Sunday, Dec. 2. Mairs Concert Hall was dimly lit in orange and brown for the performance. The audience was small — roughly 20 to 30 people…


A Musical Welcome at Family Fest

On Saturday, Oct. 13, the Director of Choral Activities Michael McGaghie addressed a packed Mairs Concert Hall. Families that drove and flew in from around the world filled seats and overflowed into entryways, craning their necks to get a good view of Macalester’s Asian, Choral and African Music Ensembles. McGaghie briskly welcomed the audience, hushing…


Celebrated choir ensemble The Singers to perform at Macalester

On Saturday, Oct. 6, nationally-acclaimed choral ensemble The Singers will deliver the first concert of their 15th season in Macalester’s Mairs Concert Hall. The show will juxtapose two extraordinary works of modern music in a starkly political but ultimately uplifting performance – and it’s free exclusively to students. The Singers will be performing David Lang’s…