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MCSG Overseer: Faculty to undergo inclusive classroom training

Margaret Moran

September 14, 2018

This week’s MCSG meeting began with a discussion of the changes that the Legislative Body (LB) plans to make during the 2018-2019 academic year to better connect with the entirety of the student body – especially students of...

Dismissing legitimately held ideas is an impediment to discourse

Drew Gumlia

October 7, 2016

Last week’s Mac Weekly featured an article that responded to Cody Olson’s call for more conservative voices at Macalester. My guess is in many years at Macalester, there have been many articles that have featured the same co...

Understanding privilege: Students in Macalester’s White Identity Collective address their place on campus

February 26, 2016

A spread of fruit and potato chips sprawls across the long tables in ArtCom 102 in the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center. In a circle of chairs sit the leaders and members of the White Identity Collective, all of whom identify as...

STRIVE: Concerned students revise “Diversity” section of Strategic Planning Document

September 19, 2014

We as students at Macalester College are troubled by this year’s diversity section of the Strategic Plan (please see: page 18-19 of the 2014 Strategic Plan). What are the implications of having only 5 tactics for increasing di...

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