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President Rosenberg, administration respond to DACA announcement

Editor’s Note: The Mac Weekly has a policy of providing anonymity when speaking out may cause harm to a student’s mental or physical health, or to a student’s academic standing. Due to the sensitive circumstances surrounding DACA, the names of three students have been omitted to protect their privacy. Macalester President Brian Rosenberg spoke out…


Examining Macalester Plymouth Church’s sanctuary designation

On January 30, Macalester students, staff and faculty received an email from Cynthia Hendricks with a familiar subject line: “Message from President Rosenberg.” It was three days after Donald Trump signed the first travel ban attempting to prevent entry of citizens from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen and the Macalester community was…


How to fix the Republican party: A three-step solution

The Republican party is dying, and I’m pissed. Only when both major parties put forth compelling multi-issue candidates does the United States engage in intelligent political discourse and elect a president truly deserving of the position. The party that was once the steady, pragmatic face of American progress has become a collection of radicalized and…