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MCSG executives vote to discontinue ice rink, reallocate funds

The MCSG Executive Board voted Sunday night 4-1 to permanently close the ice rink on campus and reallocate funds dedicated to it. Student Body President Patrick Snyder ‘13 announced the decision in an email to the school on Tuesday. “While we value the serious hard work many individuals have put in to help create and…


MCSG discusses budget future

The second-to-last meeting of this year’s MCSG Legislative Body took place Tuesday night. The meeting featured discussion on the future of the ice rink and a budget forum with Vice President of Student Affairs Laurie Hamre. Financial Affairs Committee Chair Kate Hamilton ’13 provided an update on the proposed 2013-14 budget. This is the first…


Ice rink update

The ice rink located on Shaw Field opened for student use this Thursday, although work will continue through the weekend to ensure that the ice is as smooth and glossy as possible. Audrey Kohout ’14, the Program Board representative currently in charge of the rink, expressed enthusiasm for the new attraction on campus. “We want…