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Singledom, hookups and long-term love at Macalester

Singledom, hookups and long-term love at Macalester

By Olivia Wolf As single seniors about to graduate, my housemate and I were curious about the dating experiences of our peers at Mac. We posted a “Dating Culture at Mac” survey to Facebook, and received 150 responses, mostly from class pages. We found that most students have been asked out zero times since coming…


An OL responds to “Kagins: Worth it?”

I agree that Macalester is in need of an open dialogue surrounding Kagin culture. Despite my sentiments falling in line with the thread of The Mac Weekly’s recent article, “Kagins: Are They Worth It?”, I finished the article feeling jaded and itching to retort with caustic, unfounded remarks. Taking a few days to let my…

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Kagins: Are they worth it?

Kagin dances are ingrained in Macalester culture. On Kagin weekends, the question isn’t, “What are you doing this weekend?” but instead, “Are you going to Kagin?” Kagin dances—notorious for their high levels of intoxication and frequent 911 calls—are themed events hosted by student organizations on a regular basis. These dances bring students together from all…