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MCSG overseer: LB debates budgeting appeals and strict deadlines

MCSG’s Legislative Body (LB) convened on April 4 to cover several updates, vote on a bill and hear budget appeals from six student organizations. Program Board (PB) Chair Olivia Doe ’18 and Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) Chair Remy Eisendrath ’17 shared updates from their respective departments at the beginning of the meeting. Doe reported a…

Comedy: All the World’s a Dick Joke

Comedy: All the World’s a Dick Joke

Over the last several years, opportunities to explore comedy on Macalester’s campus have grown, through organizations, radio shows and workshops. After controversy over a Hegemonocle article last semester, the student body started to reexamine what place comedy has on its campus. Michelle Einstein ’14, newly anointed co-editor of the bi-semesterly publication “The Hegemonocle,” Ross Bronfenbrenner…