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Mac adjusts after arrival of biggest class
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Mac adjusts after arrival of biggest class

At 621 students, the Class of 2022 is, by a significant margin, the largest in the history of Macalester College. It was not supposed to be. “The first-year class target had been 543 students, and initially we had planned to enroll seven transfer students for 550 new students,” Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid…


First (Year) Impressions: The turkey drop and fledgling fall flings

College relationships are weird. In a way, Macalester is like an educational commune—we all learn, eat, talk and occasionally sleep together. With such close proximity, it’s inevitable that relationships form. But some first years come to campus already in a relationship. Maya Shenoy ’20, has been with her boyfriend since the beginning of her sophomore…


(Sopho)more than you can handle: Surviving the infamous Slump

The infamous “Sophomore Slump” is a sort of malaise that many students go through during their second year of college. Like many psychological phenomena, its exact cause is difficult to pin down and its symptoms aren’t the same across the board. Some feel an inexplicable increase in apathy whereas others become more anxious. Whatever the…


A message to the Class of 2017

First years! What’s up? I hope your first two weeks have been going well. Seeing the campus brimming with new faces and fresh optimism refills mine and many others’ hearts with the kind of hope and vigor that many of us can’t remember feeling, if at least only for a little while. Many of you,…