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Café Kos with Dubie: God bless the Shish mocha!

November 20, 2015

About two weeks ago I met my friend Asra Nizami on Grand Avenue, right outside Avalon, with a coffee cup in hand. Like a true coffeeholic, my eyes were drawn to the hot steam rising from her cup. She must have noticed me starin...

Café Kos with Dubie: A love affair with coffee – cafés, coziness and ‘kos’

September 25, 2015

I love coffee. What’s not to love? From the depth and darkness of its colour, to the earthy fullness of its flavour. Even the sharp bitter aftertaste that lingers on your tongue. I distinctly remember the first time I tasted ...

Review: Groundswell Cafe

January 31, 2014

Another locally-sourced cafe, you say? In short, yes. Groundswell serves delicious, creative food made from local ingredients. But the food isn’t the only draw. Groundswell has a great, laid-back atmosphere with big wooden ta...

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